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Judgment - available

The Chariot - available

Wheel of Fortune - available

+The Fool - available

+High Priestess - available
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  • Combat Corruption Wherever it Dwells and Wherever it Breeds - Corruption and those of the Rift are the greatest threat to all of Dagaria and must be stamped out. Show no hesitance when confronted with the horror of Corruption and see to its destruction, even at the cost of your own life. This doesn't mean throw oneself foolishly at every instance of Corruption, but act with forethough and consideration, choosing your battles wisely to lead to maximum damage. The path to cleansing Dagaria may have many unseen twists along the way, leading to strange places before the life is choked out of the Rift.

  • Respect the Territory of Another - If we wish others to respect our territory, we must respect theirs. There is no need to stir up unnecessary conflict with the human kingdoms when there are greater things to focus upon. A simple polite show of respect can go far, but if politeness is met with aggression, a lesson in manners may be needed. If a territory harbors Corruption, it is not worthy of respect.

  • Accept an Honorable Surrender - If facing an enemy in battle and they beg for mercy in good faith, Fortune will deem that we accept it and spare the life of the defeated. We let the matter go and move on. The Corrupt aren't capable of honor. Any attempted surrender is only a ploy to get you to lower your guard. Kill it quickly.

  • Submission to Those of Higher Station - It is important to listen to those in command, be they generals or the Rhya. The command structure in Luna's Call exists so we may stand together against the political machinations of the humans and the subtleties of Corruption. Listen to those of higher station and do not oppose them without extraordinary reason. If you cannot submit, challenge the leader and either take their place or be forced to submit.

  • The First Share of the Kill to the Greatest in Station - The strongest must remain strong. The choicest portion of the meat is for the Rhya and the greatest of the spoils of war are for their choosing. This is more symbolic than anything as a great Rhya will see that those that need the meat and spoils the most will receive them. But to forget this is an insult.

  • Respect Those Beneath Ye, All are of Dagaria - While we are the strongest of the land, all living things are worthy of your respect, your consideration, and that fact should never be forgotten. We do not stamp out Corruption for our sake, but for theirs. In our fight, we serve them. Show them respect and compassion, mercy if needed and at the appropriate level. Do not steal from them, treat them unjustly or challenge their abilities/authority without ample reason. We are the strongest, so we must demonstrate more restraint and wisdom than others that might face what we do. Corruption and those of the Rift are not of Dagaria.

  • Do not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness - Should you become infected with Corruption, you will quickly set your affairs in order and then see to your own destruction. It is honorable to take one's own life in this manner, to protect others, but if you are too weak to do so, ask another to see to it.

  • Take no Action that Causes Alilany to be Violated - Alilany is our home and the stronghold of the beastmen. Any action that causes Corruption to seep into our home will be met with harsh consequences once the Corruption is dealt with. Do not betray your home and let evil inside.

Provinces Controlled: Lerrian

Luna's Call is predominantly beastmen in composition, but humans or other creatures that rebuke the Church or are in tune with the Old Religion are accepted. Though outwardly militant in nature, there are ample opportunities for non-combatants.

Luna's Call is roughly based off of Werewolf: the Apocalypse and adapted for Imperial Saga.
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Character Name: Taryn Erikson
Canon: OC

Canon Background: n/a

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